People and culture

Öur Culture

Working at Himalaya

At Himalaya, we continuously strive to build a rewarding and employee-friendly culture.
We believe in fostering a workplace where employees align to a common vision of helping consumers be well and happy. Himalaya's culture enables employees to feel empowered, valued, and constantly engaged. Our workplace is built on the foundation of recognition; acknowledgement and appreciation are constant reinforcements, ensuring every employee is a part of the sustainable growth of the organization.

  • Accountability: Systems and processes help us ensure accountability at every step.
  • Integrity: By being truthful, consistent, and honest in everything we do, we honor the trust placed in us by all our stakeholders.
  • Innovation: Bringing ideas to the world is the kind of innovation that helps us discover new medicines and develop new products that make life healthier and happier.
  • Transparency: Being open in our dealings is integral to our work ethic. We believe that transparency helps us make partners for life.
  • Humility: Humility guides every interaction at Himalaya, with each and every person.


Organizational Culture

At Himalaya, we provide ample opportunities to encourage creative thinking and innovation.

  • Our leaders are nurtured through our extensive L&D programs. All our teams are driven by the passion to constantly keep up the learning curve. We promote the spirit of teamwork.
  • We are a dynamic organization that adapts itself quickly in a fast-changing business environment.

Career Development

At Himalaya, we believe that great performance comes from great talent. We aim to recruit the right talent and offer them opportunities for overall development. The seasoned and talented leadership team at Himalaya identifies the strengths of each employee, helping him/her achieve professional and personal goals.

People at Himalaya

Diversity and Inclusion

At Himalaya, talent comes first, and we respect equal representation, through a welcoming and inclusive work culture. We always aim to attract, retain, and encourage the most innovative talent in the industry, whose unique expertise and insight fuel our culture, and support us in spreading our promise of Happiness through Wellness.

Employee Well-Being

The health and well-being of employees is of the utmost importance at Himalaya. We believe that employees are driven for higher levels of engagement and happiness with the right interventions. Care for employees and work-life balance are key drivers for us and an integral part of our Company's philosophy, "Care Above All".